Founded more than 30 years ago, Nancy Alison Martin & Associates provides unbiased personal property valuation and consultation services. Our reports comply with current USPAP standards and the 2018 IRS Qualified Appraiser/Qualified Appraisal requirements. Our clients include individuals, estates, attorneys, accountants, collectors, museums, municipalities, public utilities and insurance companies. We are known for our truthful, well-supported opinions and our commitment to maintaining client privacy.
We focus primarily on disputes and controversial matters going before the courts, the IRS and insurance companies. Large projects, loss claims, collaboration with specialized experts and Appraisal Reviews are our particular strengths, as well as personal property valuation theory, methodology, typical practice and standard of care.
Appraising is our only business. Because we are neither dealers nor auctioneers, you are assured of professional objectivity with no conflict of interest. We have the experience, the staff and the resources to give you personalized service and a timely, comprehensive and well-documented appraisal. Located in the greater Los Angeles area, we travel nationwide to serve our clients.

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